Hillside Lifts

A hillside lift is quite an investment. There is no other way to say it. The final amount will depend on the landscape, travel distance, and brand of the lift. In addition to the purchase of the equipment and installation services, you may find yourself dealing with city codes and permits; soil samples; extra landscaping; pier supports; and various other forms of cement work. To top it off, you may have to get permission from your neighbors.

Memoirs of a Service Call

It seems that lately we have been seeing requests to check out residential elevators that have been installed and not serviced for 20+ years. This is not to say these requests were because the lifts were inoperable but quite the contrary. These customers have been using that lift consistently over the years and eventually they start making a particular new noise or running differently.

The Benefits of an Elevator

There are only a few reasons people choose to justify the installation of an elevator in their home. The most obvious are physical disabilities or convenience. While these are the most popular, they shouldn't be the only reasons.

Wanting one's home accessible at every level by visitors, who might have issues with stairs is a good argument. Also, it is a great "peace of mind" to have if someone should suddenly become temporarily disabled due to an injury.

What are My Cab & Hoistway Choices?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to elevator Cab & Hoistway choices. More often people are choosing fancier finishes than the old plain options of the past.

Door/Gate Options

In a recent completed project, we incorporated a hoistway swing door and a 3 speed side slide car gate. This is an example of the flexibility available to the end user that was rarely assailable just a few short years ago. There is an ever evolving world of products and technologies emerging in the elevator sector. To keep up with the demand, it is necessary to educate the end user of their options.

PVE Announces Side Entry/Exit Doors Now Available for the PVE 37



In response to the demands of our customers, and to further develop the PVE product, the PVE Engineering department has now developed an upper floor side entry/exit door opening option for the PVE37.

Home Elevators Move Up in Popularity for Aging

Developers are luring downsizing baby boomers with elevators, a luxury feature that offers convenience now and the promise of easier movement as they age.

Business for Newtown, Pa.-based Bell Elevator Co. Inc. is up 25 percent over the last year, said Tom Reavy, owner of the six-year-old residential-elevator firm.

The 3 - 5 Rule

The 3 - 5 rule is a code requirement standard of the ASME A17.1 for residential elevators.

Popularity of Home Elevators Gets a Lift

Elevators are found not just in mansions but also in the houses of those who have difficulty climbing stairs and can afford the $21,000 to six-figure expense.

Families juggling children, pets and groceries are among those who are adding home elevators. Above, Aden Enzer, 5, and her sister Bennett, 2, use the elevator at their family's Hancock Park home.

When is a Good Time to Remodel your Elevator Cab?

While some consider the importance of the cab work within their mod minuet, most understand that when it comes to the perception of the final product the cab is one of the most important items. As a managing agent, or most importantly as an elevator contractor, many sub-contracting decisions need to be made on a mod. From whom to use for your control fixtures, to who's traveling cable should be used to what cab company will install or refurbish an existing cab.

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