Popularity of Home Elevators Gets a Lift

Elevators are found not just in mansions but also in the houses of those who have difficulty climbing stairs and can afford the $21,000 to six-figure expense.

Actress Jane Fonda bought a home in Beverly Hills last year with a feature that might seem counterintuitive for a fitness guru: an elevator.

Five Feet of Advice

The vertical platform lift is an appliance designed specifically for individuals in wheelchairs to help them overcome barriers where a ramp is not practical or allowable. The traveling height for this enclosed platform can start from as low as twenty inches and terminate as high as twenty-four feet.

A Stellar Achievement

Thirty years of continuing success in the elevation business means there is always something to attend to in the office or in the field. Everything from creating proposals and ordering equipment to installing and servicing lifts. Being very busy is a problem to have, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Cinema Elevation

Tower Heist was recently on cable television. While trying not to spoil this raucous comedy, there was an over-the-top chase sequence involving an elevator, which featured some of the actors riding up and down the shaft on the roof of the cab while grabbing onto the cables.

Home Elevators For The Holidays

Christmas time can mean crowded stores and crazy parking experiences, but more enjoyable encounters such as festivities at your residence and visits from relatives and friends are what makes the holidays fun.

If you are having people over, your home elevator will be of great interest to many of these guests, so this is a friendly reminder to make sure your holiday elevations go according to plan.

Thanks For The Lift

We are of course a real business with bills to pay and jobs to complete. But, we have the additional benefit that what we do for a living helps people. Most of the time when a vertical transportation device is purchased, it is with the intent to enable at least one individual who has issues with mobility.

The Final-Final

For the record, each and every custom home elevator Inclinator Company of California installs is well—custom! As in customized. It is constructed specifically for the site that it is planned to be located.

Elevator Boutique’s Home Elevators

In 2003, Les Katz, CEO and founder of Lift Shop in Australia, saw an opportunity to expand his elevator-service and installation business into a specialist business focusing on luxury home elevators. His goal was to offer designer elevator solutions exclusive to residential applications. As a result of the combined efforts of Katz and team members, Lift Shop was established and currently has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, all in Australia.

The Ever Changing Industry

In spite of the recent announcement that Otis at Home will be discontinuing their residential hydraulic elevator line, Inclinator Company of California and TL Shield & Associates have a solution for your residential lift needs and will still get the job done.

Arcat SpecWizard

Otis at Home is proud to announce our participation with ARCAT, the leading on-line resource for FREE building product information.

With over 2.8 million user visits annually, ARCAT has drawn architects, engineers and contractors from all over the United States and the world.

SpecWizard is a powerful and highly evolved internet based tool used for developing specifications on a residential elevator. It is an easy, quick and comprehensive alternative to a long, and often laborious, task of spec writing.

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