Around The Clock We Go

Allow me to retell, to the best of my ability, an old joke from the comedian Steven Wright:

"I went to a store late at night, and they were closed. Surprisingly, I saw in the window a sign that read 'Open 24 Hours.' The next day I went back, and they were open. I told the owner I stopped by the previous night and they were closed. I then asked why he had the 'Open 24 Hours' sign posted when they were closed. He replied, 'Yes, we are open twenty-four hours, but not in a row!'"

A Most Luxurious Addition

Inclinator Company of California is proud to announce that we have been awarded the designation of “Premier” supplier for Elevator Boutique, an international designer and manufacturer of luxury residential elevators.

An Agreeable Agreement

A home elevator is a complex conveyance device with intricate, synchronized moving parts that needs to be 100 percent safe and reliable at any given moment. Like your car, regular maintenance in regard to long-term operation is critical.

There is much to go through during the process of selecting an elevator brand as well as its respective installer. Unfortunately, sometimes the “back end” of the deal—the service contract and warranties—is not given the required attention.

Residential Elevators Equipped With Safety Features

Life has become much more convenient to a number of customers in the United States because of the availability of residential elevators equipped with safety features. These accessibility systems offer convenient access to all levels of your home.

Exceptional Safety Features

The School of Hard Rules

California is strengthening its efforts to crack down on unlicensed contractors and various other illegal home improvement operators. They have been taking business away from law-abiding contractors, builders, remodelers, and various related providers in the residential marketplace.

Hitting The Road With Otis At Home

This past month, Inclinator Company of California participated in the highly regarded 2012 PRO EXPO, a home improvement show presented by Pella Corporation. Pella ( is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing quality windows and doors for new construction, remodeling and replacement applications.

The Lowdown On The Down Payment

An honest and common misunderstanding during the course of an elevator purchasing process is the potential buyer assumes that all of the details must be submitted with the delivery of the initial deposit—which is usually 10% or some agreed upon lesser amount. They feel pressured to make the final decisions on the style (wall coverings, laminate type, etc.) and the gate(s) of a lift that will not be arriving to the job site for at least six months. During this time, minds can change on design, color, as well as the size of the hoistway (shaft) itself. (add hoistway size and openings).

Inside Elevator Information

Selecting the style for the interior of your residential elevator can be a little overwhelming, considering that you are probably in the middle of a home renovation or building a new one from the ground up. You are swimming in a sea of permits, plan revisions, and schedules and then all of a sudden the elevator representative shows up and hands you yet another collection of samples to go along with all the others.

The High Price of Poor Quality

We all know the concept of diminishing returns. This premise concerns the up front cost savings derived from a purchase of a product with suspicious quality, which is then assumed to unfortunately result in greater spending in the long run.

We’ve all made discretionary purchases in an attempt to save money in the moment, only to suffer disappointment from the weak durability, limited features, or the constant upkeep involved to maintain the product.

How To Select An Elevator Maintenance Provider

We all depend on the safe and reliable operations of elevators. To ensure consistent performance of a vertical transportation system, it is imperative for the property’s owners to hire a competent elevator maintenance company. Elevator maintenance can be provided by same manufacturer; another manufacturer; an independent contractor; or by an onsite facilities team. It is a complex decision, as the best choice is not automatically the company that supplied and installed the system.

OEM Maintenance

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