News from Inclinator Co of California - February 2012

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Be Smart About Your Dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiters are not intended to transport people or any other living thing, except maybe a houseplant. Their small dimensions, raised entrance door, and location should easily reinforce this fact—but sometimes this is not the case.

On occasion, this concept can be challenged by those (usually children) who just might think it would be “interesting” to put the family pet inside the dumbwaiter and give it a ride to the next floor. Or more seriously, climb inside themselves and go for it, with their sibling or a friend pushing the buttons.

An Aerodynamic Retrofit Solution

Do you want to install a basic elevator inside your home without having to rip apart your house? Do you also want it to look nice and ride smoothly?

Inclinator Company of California has a perfect solution, and it is pretty cool.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, a partner of ICOC, manufacture a vacuum residential elevator that can fit nicely into your home and get the job done. PVE currently presents three versions of its air driven residential elevators, ranging from a single carrier to a three-passenger, wheelchair-accessible home unit.

News from Inclinator Co of California - January 2012

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Residential Elevator Checklist

Residential Elevator Checklist

You have completed the preliminary steps required in your search for a residential elevator. You received at least three proposals from polite, likeable salespeople, all of whom told you that they had “the best elevator on the market.” It is getting closer to decision time, and you are looking for ways to size up the competitors. Here are some basic suggestions and questions to assist you in sorting through these offers.

News from Inclinator Co of California - December 2011

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The Pitfalls of a Shallow Pit

Some elevator companies boast that they only require a 6 or 8-inch deep pit and present that as a way for you to save a few extra bucks on their product as well as the cement work. This makes the proposal slightly more attractive in terms of cost, but what are you getting in return?

How to Buy a Home Elevator

A residential elevator is not a washing machine. Oftentimes homeowners decide on one as if it was a standard household appliance. Like a washer, they wish to purchase a home elevator manufactured by an established company with a typical one-year warranty. They tend to focus primarily on cost, figuring that "they are all kind of the same" and perhaps with the thought that if the elevator survives the first year under warranty, they have a good product.

Otis at Home Newsletter - November 2011

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How a Home Elevator increases the Value of the Home

How a Home Elevator increases the Value of the Home

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