Inclinator Co. of California and Otis at Home team up to Exhibit at the 2011 PCBC Show

Join Inclinator Co. of Ca. & Otis at Home at the PCBC show June 22 – 24, 2011 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Ca.  We will be in booth # N-6042.  For complementary passes, call (800) 201-1212 or email

PCBC: The Home of Innovation
The pacific coast has long been defined as one of the great hubs of innovation. From technology to the green movement, the region doesn't just buck trends, it defines the future. Nowhere is this more evident than the building industry, where the community of builders, developers, building scientists, architects, environmental engineers, landscape companies and manufacturers collectively and collaboratively pushes the envelope on what makes up the space we live in. This community is PCBC, which brings its innovative approaches to:

  • Architectural and design innovation
  • Environmental and sustainable building practices
  • The integration of new technologies into homes and the building process
  • The adoption of a community-centric approach to home building

PCBC was launched in 1959 as a small educational conference at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Since then, through economic good times and bad, the show has continuously evolved to become homebuilding's most innovative event - a place where the industry's most influential trendsetters gather to share ideas and information.
The economic challenges of the last few years and their impact on the housing sector in particular, have highlighted the importance of innovation both in the market and at the event. By focusing on innovation, PCBC attendees are helping pave the way for a recovery in the housing market.
This market represents a paradox for manufacturers: while new home construction has not yet returned to pre-recession levels, home designers and builders are more open than ever to the new products and vendors that can help them compete and succeed. In fact, 63% of PCBC 2010 attendees report being very interested/interested in new products and services from vendors who are new to them. In addition to immediate sales and market share gains, savvy marketers stand to benefit in future years by reaching PCBC attendees as they forge paths to growth.
The strength of the PCBC community and the event's emphasis on innovation has helped PCBC become a true thought leadership forum, where visionaries from diverse disciplines - including architecture, technology, development, communications and construction - connect and collaborate on the planning and building of communities. This leading-edge group of community builders has come to rely on PCBC to provide three essential elements of their profession:

  • Education: Through a family of educational conferences and educational pavilions on the expo floor, attendees gain actionable knowledge. PCBC courses are taught by category experts, industry luminaries, and thought-leaders from inside and outside of the homebuilding industry.
  • Products: Vendors of homebuilding products realize that PCBC is the best place to release and sell new products and reach an audience of early adopters that can integrate products into homes and communities at the blueprint stage.
  • Community: PCBC is the yearly gathering place for the industry's hands-on innovators, providing attendees with an unequalled opportunity for professional contact and new business development. But PCBC extends far beyond the event itself, as the community literally works together to build communities throughout the year.

To successfully harness the innovative spirit of our diverse group of community builders, PCBC is focused on seven key pillars that provide the framework and structure for not only the event, but for the constructive application of the learning and collaboration that derives from it. These pillars are: community, technology, design, energy, urban, sustainability and inspiration. For PCBC, success is ensuring that these six pillars flavor all activities at the event, as well as the knowledge and behaviors that our attendees take back into their practices.
PCBC is built around the notion that community is more than a collection of homes; it's a feeling of belonging and feeling connected. This is true, both for the event itself and for the communities we plan, develop, build and maintain. By providing a collaborative workspace for attendees to get to the core of not only what makes up a successful community, but how we can connect people with a shared sense of place, PCBC challenges and inspires attendees and the broader industry to continuously strive to bring a sense of vibrancy and cohesion to our lives. But PCBC does not stop at the theoretical. Instead, PCBC also brings the practical tools to the equation, enabling attendees to not only learn, but also to apply their knowledge to the very communities in which we live.
The pacific coast is the world's epicenter of technological innovation. Computers, communications and networks, the internet, and biotechnology all trace significant roots back to this region. The PCBC community, influenced by the innovative culture and population of the region, has led the way to integrating new technologies into the home. PCBC attendees are among the first to embrace new technologies and adopt new ideas and innovation into residential building. What gets adopted in California is a leading indicator of trends and is watched closely by the rest of the country. The combination of forward-thinking building professionals with tech-savvy home buyers in the region makes PCBC the ideal event to introduce new products and new ways of delivering homes and communities.
The attendees of PCBC understand that designing tomorrow's homes and communities means understanding new family patterns, new preferences, new demographics, new materials, and new regulations. Many of the leaders in design-think Apple, IKEA, and Target--understand that the home is the hub for most product purchases. At PCBC, we're helping our attendees understand how other industries - from retail to automotive - can help us rethink the function and design of homes.

Just one of the ways PCBC puts a spotlight on excellent design is through its Gold Nugget Awards program honoring creative achievements in architectural design and land use planning for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Gold Nugget winners share one common denominator: excellence and innovation in addressing complex design/build issues.

The pacific coast, and California in particular, is leading the world in establishing greener energy policies. PCBC is working with attendees to not only adopt recent legislative mandates, but to embrace a new mindset around energy-efficient homebuilding. At PCBC, attendees are immersed in advanced construction methods, new products, renewable energy sources, and emerging capabilities like the smart gird. In fact, it is difficult to walk down an aisle of the PCBC exposition, spend a day at the conference, or walk into the Green Pavilion on the show floor, without gaining practical knowledge about reducing the carbon footprint of homes and communities.
PCBC builders, architects and developers understand that sustainable development is environmentally sound, economically advantageous, and socially equitable. That's why 74% of attendees come to PCBC to explore energy efficient products, and 72% seek information on green/sustainable products. Through Conference sessions and on-the-show floor educational opportunities, PCBC is committed to helping attendees master and leverage sustainable building practices.
Amidst a rapidly changing homebuilding industry, one thing is certain: sustainability will remain a cornerstone of PCBC's focus.
What is the net impact of PCBC? In a word: inspiration. The inspiration of a community of innovative individuals gathered at their premiere annual meeting. The inspiration generated by motivated professionals learning from category experts and industry leaders. The inspiration of buyers meeting sellers of next generation product innovations. Whether your company sells products that are used in homebuilding, or products designed to enhance the lives of people who occupy those homes, PCBC will provide the inspiration to move your business forward.
*Based on California 2011 housing sales projections from California Association of Realtors, Oct 4th, 2010

Sponsoring Organization
The California Building Industry Association is a statewide trade association based in Sacramento representing thousands of companies, including homebuilders, trade contractors, architects, engineers, designers, suppliers and other industry professionals. CBIA sponsors PCBC The Show.