Inclinator Co. of California sells, installs, services, and repairs Matot and Waupaca Dumbwaiters


We offer dumbwaiters from leading manufacturers Matot and Waupaca. Whether for home or business use, we have a dumbwaiter that is right for you!

We distribute the work-horse of commercial dumbwaiters, the Matot Commercial Dumbwaiter, the industry standard for quality equipment.

The Waupaca Cable-Waiter™ Residential/Light Duty Commercial Dumbwaiter offers convenience and flexibility with economy. Available in wood, steel, and stainless steel cars, this unit boasts up to a 100 lb. capacity.

Brochures and technical info for the models we carry are available below in PDF format.


ECONOMICAL: Initial and operating cost is a fraction of the cost of elevators and provides the same life span of elevator systems.
SPACE SAVING: Consumes 50 – 75% less floor space than elevators
EFFICIENT: Allows employees to move materials without leaving work stations. No time lost due to employees hand delivering materials to other floors with all the work interruptions that involves.
HEALTH FEATURES: Stainless steel construction can be easily sanitized / washed down. Contaminated / hazardous material can be transported between floors without exposure to unsuitable areas such as passenger elevators.
SAFETY: Avoids exposure of employees to the injury potential of lifting materials, carrying materials up and down stairs and cluttering passenger elevators. Avoids misuse of ladders and fork lifts.
WELFARE: Can enhance the design / décor of a building while increasing the efficiency of an operation. Helps employees to feel they are allowed to do their jobs in a clean efficient inspiring environment.
FLEXIBILITY: Variety of available drive mechanisms, guide rail types and control circuitry can allow custom operations and systems to interface with special needs, security or material flow requirements.
SPECIAL FEATURES AND OPTIONS: A variety of special features allows customization to fit the unique needs of client’s projects such as power operated landing doors, supporting tower structures, sterile / clean room options and automatic loading and unloading of materials and carts.
SUSTAINABILITY: Systems are designed to last the lifetime of your client’s building with modernization cycles equivalent to elevators.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Dumbwaiters use less energy, less carbon footprint, than elevator systems.
PLANNING ASSISTANCE: Same day, job specific planning assistance from trained engineers can ease your planning time and help select the right systems for your project, with lead time deliveries to suit your project needs.

Commercial - Matot

The Matot Commercial Dumbwaiter is an ergonomic and economic solution for moving material from floor to floor in a multi-level commercial environment. Whatever you’re moving; Matot Dumbwaiters can carry loads up to 750 lbs.

Save manpower, save space, save time, save energy and help avoid workplace injuries with a Commercial Dumbwaiter from Matot. Depend on Matot Project Experts with over 100 years of commercial material handling experience to design and manufacture the right system for the lifetime of your application.

Typical materials handled in a commercial environment:
  • Food
  • Dishes & Cutlery
  • Documents
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Carts

Residential - Waupaca

The Cable-WaiterTM Residential Dumbwaiters

Available in wood, steel, and stainless steel cars, this unit powers up and down a robust 50 or 100-pound net load. A roll top gate and shelf are standard on the wood car version (CRT). Metal cars offer steel shelves and a bi-parting gate. Safety is assured with standard slack cable monitoring device, car safeties, top final limit switches, and UL® /cUL® certified controllers.

The Cable-Waiter excels at transporting everything from delicate crystal to laundry and groceries in a residential application. This versatile performer is also right at home in light-duty non-residential use. It can be just right for small offices and medical clinics for record and supply movement. Custom car sizes (metal cars only) allow Waupaca Elevator Company, Inc. to build a dumbwaiter to meet your specific needs for form and function.

Standard Options Applications
  • Car Safety
  • Slack Cable Device
  • Top Final Limit Switch
  • UL Certified Controller
  • Call-Send Stations
  • 50 lb or 100 lb Capacity
  • Welded Steel or Wood Car
  • Car Gates
  • Car Shelves
  • Car Light
  • "Car Here" Indicator
  • "In Use" Indicator
  • Stainless Steel
  • Access Door
  • Hoistway Doors
  • Groceries/Packages
  • Laundry
  • Household supplies
  • Trash/Garbage
  • Office Files/ Records